Hello! For those of you not familiar with my Amino blogs, I go by Jess (a variation of my real name)! I’m a ’98 liner with a love of Kpop, languages, anime and Visual Kei.

I am a university student who majors in Law and English but I am also continuously studying Korean and French.

As a Blogger/Writer

I started out writing fiction in middle school as a way to avoid doing math (oops). I think through my avoidance I began to love writing and I continued with it, publishing a few poems and short stories throughout elementary school.

I began blogging when I found Amino (Specifically ARMY Amino or ARA). I found ARA by accident and joined on a whim (I wasn’t the type to use many apps or social media). I posted my first in depth blog (now deleted) and was encouraged by a past curator, Cookie, to continue making blogs, so I did!

I eventually got to know a lot of talented bloggers as well as the ARA team so I ended up running the app. After a year or so of working as part of the admin team I retired because I missed the just being a blogger aspect of the app and no longer found any joy in curating.

While sorting myself out after stepping down, I was able to join the Korea-Canada Blog team and have continued blogging since!

I also have side projects on the go under a pseudonym on ao3 as a fanfic writer as well as working on some original works in my spare time.





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