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When you think Korean music, most of our minds turn to “Psy’s Gangnam Style” or to the many KPop girl groups and boy groups the Korean Pop music industry has churned out. While I personally enjoy KPop music, it isn’t for everyone and it isn’t the only thing that the Korean music scene has to offer.

gallery_psy_6gap_01(0)Image: YG Entertainment 

More Than Kpop will be a mini blog series introducing different types of Korean music out there, excluding the already well-known KPop. The first ‘genre’ I would like to introduce are Korean Indie bands.

While Indie music is really an umbrella term originally meaning independent from major labels or records, for the sake of this blog I will be using the term to refer to Korean bands outside of the KPop world.

Today’s Korean Indie band sound is characterized by Stephen Epstein, Associate Professor and Director of the Asian Studies Institute…

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